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Tips to learn norwegian with Thea Marie Dolva from Speak Norsk (Podcast)

18 Oct , 2021  

Tips to learn norwegian - Une blonde en Norvège

Learn norwegian with Speak Norsk   I really recommend to take norwegian lessons to learn the language faster. You will get into social live and active life by finding a jobb faster if you learn norwegian with teachers in a fun and efficient school !   That’s why I recommend Speak Norsk   I wrote […]

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Learn norwegian

20 Août , 2020  

Apprendre le Norvégien - Une blonde en Norvège

Learn norwegian The advice I give in this article has allowed me to reach  B2 level in over 3 years without taking any lessons.   It’s long but it works !   I’m only starting classes now to go faster and try to reach C1 level within 1 year, I’ll tell you if I get […]

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