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I really recommend to take norwegian lessons to learn the language faster.
You will get into social live and active life by finding a jobb faster if you learn norwegian with teachers in a fun and efficient school !
That’s why I recommend Speak Norsk
I wrote an article in which I explain how I reach  B2 level in over 3 years without taking any lessons and why I should have taken courses to go faster !



Speak Norsk   You have – 5% by using the code: « ANNE5 »

Speak Norsk - Une blonde en Norvège
I had the pleasure to speak with Thea Marie, one of the teachers at Speak Norsk  for one episode of my podcast « Une blonde en Norvège »
The show is usually in french but in this episode we decided to speak english and not norwegian or french to give tips to as many people as possible !


In this episode we talk about the language’s history, the 2 different written languages, dialects, and of course we give you many tips to learn this beautiful language.


My story is that I learned norwegian by myself and it took to much time and I made mistakes so that’s why I wanted to make an episode about what would I do different now and why !



YouTube video

Links we talked about in the episode

The expressions bok : Griseflax
The test on expressions (« Hvor mange norske uttrykk kan du? »)
 Hage og planter
Yoga og helse
Fitness (Ålesundsdialekt)
Speak Norsk-kanalen







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Tips to learn norwegian - Une blonde en Norvège

This is the app I use:
Podcast tracker (Free)

Here are those I recommand:

Norsklærer Karense
Lær Norsk Nå!
Norsk for Beginners
Practice Norwegian
Klar Tale
Smartere på 10 minutter

I also listen to:
Frilanslivet, Kortslutning, fotopodden, klar Tale, Tore Sagens Podkast, Teknisk Sett, Abels Tårn, Progamme B, Sånn er du, Versens gang and oppdatert.

The big advantage of this App is that you can adjust the audio playback speed and slow down speech without distorting voices!



I also recommend downloading the NRK app, you can watch all programs with subtitles or view the site directly online.
You can also listen to NRK radio.




Netflix has helped me a lot too!
If this is true, it’s not just an excuse to watch more series!
Netflix geolocates you so if you are in Norway with a Norwegian account you will only have the choice between Norwegian and English for audio and subtitles.
If you switch your account to French, French subtitles and audio will be available.
So I alternate between audio in Norwegian for Nordic series with French or English subtitles or audio in French or English with Norwegian subtitles.



The « Duo Linguo » application is good for very beginners.
If you already have a small level, no interest, this is really to start.

Free audiobook:

A lot of famous norwegian books for free :

Lydbok online.no
And also on :  NLB, the application is featured in Norwegian libraries.
Did you know that Norwegian libraries are national and free? So you can take books in one city and return them to another!
You have a much wider choice and above all, the books in the libraries rotate so you find different things every time!
In each library there are english books!
There are also methods to learn Norwegian and some are in english!
Free PDF to download :


List of cases for using Til or for
List of verbs (1130 verbs on 31 pages) with English translations from A to Å (translation from A to Z) 🙂
A PDF with the basics of grammar sur « Norsk for innvandrere« 
Liste de 238 verbes with English translations
Uregelrette verb og Regelrette verb
Tips to learn norwegian - Une blonde en Norvège

Here are some Norwegian artists you can listen to :

CC Cowboys
Dronning Mauds Land
DumDum Boys
Jokke & Valentinerne
Raga Rockers
Sigvart Dagsland
Kaizers Orchestra
Åge Aleksandersen
CC Cowboys
Daniel Kvammen
El Papi
John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen 
Kurt Nilsen
No. 4
Sirkus Eliassen
Valkyren Allstairs
Hip hop
Admiral P
Di Derre
Gatas Parlament
Jaa9 & OnklP
Karpe / Karpe Diem
Klovner I Kamp
Lars Vaular
OnklP og de fjerne slektningene
Rett i bakken
Unge Ferrari
Isah & Dutty Dior
Helene Bøksle
Visesang og jazz
Alf Prøysen
Anne Grete Preus
Bjørn Eidsvåg
Erlend Ropstad
Erik Bye
Eva Weel Skram
Frida Ånnevik
Halvdan Sivertsen
Herborg Kråkevik
Jan Eggum
Jan Teigen
Kari Bremnes
Lynni Treekrem
Lillebjørn Nilsen
Lars-Lillo Stenberg
Odd Nordstoga
Ole Paus
Stein Torleif Bjella
Siri Nilsen
Sissel Kyrkjebø
Øystein Sunde
Alf Prøysen
Christine Sandtorv
Knutsen & Ludvigsen
Thorbjørn Egner

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