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Welcome to Norway

13 Déc , 2019  

Not Even Cold - Welcome to Norway

Welcome to Norway The Norwegian alphabet has 29 letters, 3 more vowels than in French: the « æ », « å » and « ø ». The « o » are pronounced [o] in front of two consonants and [u] or [or] in front of one consonant, the « e » are pronounced [a], some « y » are pronounced [or] too. Sometimes we don’t pronounce certain consonants in the middle or end of the word. Well, some difficulties then! There are 3 official languages: bokmål, nynorsk and sámi, and more than 100 different dialects. In fact, there are ways of speaking and specific words in each region. A dialect is not just an accent, they use different words and Norwegian is a tonal language. Sometimes even native Norwegians find it difficult to understand each other because of dialects. All rights reserved © Illustrations : Raphaëlle Taschet Text : Anne-Sophie Drouet Follow us on social media : Facebook Instagram


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