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Welcome to norway !

Discover more about norwegian culture and follow the adventures of our characters through illustrated articles.
You will also find concrete information to learn a bit more about this beautiful country.

The land of fjords is a country where life is good despite some clichés that have a hard life!
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Même pas froid - Anne-Sophie Drouet

Anne-Sophie Drouet


She moved to Norway in 2014 after living 10 years in Paris.
Cameraman / video editor and photographer, she works for NRK and as freelance.
She also works as fixer for French TV productions and as Tour Leader in Norway.
She runs the blog « A blonde in Norway » on which she publishes articles about Norwegian culture as well as photos and video reports.
Même pas froid - Raphaëlle Taschet

Raphaëlle Taschet


She left Paris to settle in Norway in 2017. She fell in love for a Norwegian and wanted to discover this beautiful country.
When she doesn’t draw, she likes to bake and introduce the flavors of French cuisine to her friends and family in Norway, they never say no to one or two little macarons !
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The Stave churches

All rights reserved © Illustrations : Raphaëlle Taschet Text : Anne-Sophie Drouet Follow us on...

The « nordic nap » : sleeping outside, away from indoor pollution

The « nordic nap » : sleeping outside, away from indoor pollution! All rights reserved ©...

Refleks : shining creatures

Refleks : shining creatures All rights reserved © Illustrations : Raphaëlle Taschet Text :...

Welcome to Norway

Welcome to Norway The Norwegian alphabet has 29 letters, 3 more vowels than in French: the « æ »...

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