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Cameraman/editor, photographer, fixer for tv productions and tour leader/guide.

My name is Anne-Sophie Drouet, I am 36 years old and I live in Norway for 5 years.


I am cameraman / editor, Photographer, fixer and guide/tour leader


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Fixer in Norway : Anne-sophie Drouet

My story :


I lived 10 years in Paris before moving to Tønsberg 1h15 south from Oslo in Norway.
I created this video podcast to make you want to visit or to discover through my videos this beautiful country.
I also pulish articles to share norwegian news.
I speak English fluently and I have an intermediate level in Norwegian.


Photophaphe - Une blonde en Norvège

I’m video editor and after working more than 10 years for a lot of Parisian productions (M6, TF1…) I started to make my own videos.

Crazy about nature and documentaries since always, it is a pleasure for me to join my two passions.

I am also photographer and Norway is an idyllic place for nature lovers and breathtaking landscapes.


Photophaphe - Une blonde en Norvège


My experience :


Thanks to my photo and video work I have the chance to work with Tv production here in Norway as fixer.

I worked as free-lance production assistant for a famous Tv channel in Paris, France : France television (public television)

They were working on a 2 hours documentary about Norway and I worked with them on it from Norway.

I travel a lot all around Norway so I have the chance to meet many very nice and interesting people and to see and discover beautiful landscapes.




Images and post-production : Anne-Sophie Drouet

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